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Strokes + Speed + Tempo For Upper Body (6 Hrs. Code: 2018-050)


This class builds the FOUNDATION of the "Acute & Tackling" Classes.  This HANDS-ON class is a combination of strokes & speed of strokes immediately engaging the  Parasympathetic nervous system, increases circulation, relieves inflammation, etc.  

Includes handbook w/illustrated pictures.

Acute & Chronic Pain - Upper Body (6 Hrs. Code: 2018-049)


This HANDS-ON class focuses on specific complaints by pin pointing the cause of the pain.  IE: Headaches, TMJ, Sinus/Allergies, stiff neck/shoulders, etc.  You’ll learn thru demonstration and PLENTY of HANDS-ON application both on and off the table.  Includes Handbook w/illustrated pictures. 


Tackling Pain - Extremities, Hips, & Back (6 Hrs Code: 2019-18)


 This hands-on class focuses on techniques & strokes of massage to relieve pain for the arms, legs, hips, & back.  IE:  nerve pain, muscle pain, tightness, burning, spasms, shoulder restrictions, etc.  You'll learn thru demonstration & lots of hands-on application both on and off the table.

Includes handbook w/illustrated pictures


Testimonial from Joann, L.M.T.



I attended these classes. 😍 Loved picking up some new techniques to bring to my practice. The hands-on time was amazing. Not only was I shown a demonstration but I got to actually practice and she takes the time to work with you one on one to make sure you get to feel and understand what’s going on. I highly recommend these courses! 

Joann Jolly, L.M.T.

Feedback from Students


"... loved theses classes because it was so "hands on"!  ... Great presentation of info."  Eugenia

" CE I have had in years.  The cost was fair and the instructor was very knowledgeable and hands on."  Cynthia

"..classes very involved...not a lot of lecturing..."  Tamara

"...I learned a lot!  Enjoyed techniques for sinuses & migraines..." Madeline

"...facial massage, sinus relief were motivating...move for neck were helpful."  Dave



You'll enjoy each class.  As a massage therapist, we NEED touch too.  And, all of these classes allow time on the table!